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A really nice review from Ed Enright in Downbeat this month to kick off the reviews of our first CD! He also chose us as a editor’s pick.

Spin Cycle’s self-titled debut CD is an all-original program of 10 tunes—six by Christensen and four by Neumann—that captivate with bright melodic lines, deep-seated grooves, catchy rhythmic devices and sophisticated harmony. Improvisations run wild, as soloists embrace aggressive and daring ideas from the realms of modal jazz, free-jazz, second-line and soul, not to mention good old-fashioned swing.

A cohesive unit that commands an exceptional stylistic range and exhibits a go-for-broke attitude…..Spin Cycle has the potential to connect with a broader national audience as well as international listeners.

                                                                                                                                                         Ed Enright, Downbeat

Read the full review here.

Spin Cycle review

Other press on our first CD “Spin Cycle”

Big sounds come from this quartet of Tom Christensen/ts-ss, Pete McCann/g, Phil Palombi/b and Scott Neumann on this collection of originals from the co-leaders. The tenor sax hits hard on modal boppers like “Rainbow Shoelaces” and “Hamsters, Hamsters” with the rhythm team in overdrive. Even better is when Christensen goes soft and velvety on the fondue’d “Trust” while his soprano serenades the bowed strings on “Crystalline.” McCann’s guitar work takes you on a tour of 70s rock on “Smart Aleck” and creates a tensile pulse on “Nevermind” and can create an irresistible swing rivulet with Palombi on the easy to please “The Groove.” Lots of good tones and flowing streams of sound here.

                                                                                                                                         George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

This is one seriously high octane release hard charging, straight ahead jazz fans will love.  With chops and energy to spare, this is a set that certainly knows how to hit all the right notes loading the disc with different flavors from the ones shown on other, previous releases.



The music spins-off varying musical styles and musical modes, from blues to ballads, punk to funk. The music is picture painting perfection. Just depends on what picture they plan to paint.

                                                                                                                                                                         All About Jazz

(Spin Cycle) is a free-wheeling, take-no-prisoners roller coaster ride accentuating everybody’s chops and arranging skills. It doesn’t let up. With no piano, their funky chops, their Coltrane influence, their willingness to venture free and edgy, gives the mix a startlingly vivid — sometimes livid — sound that uses anger as much as tenderness, yin as much as yang and show-biz smarts as much as wildly evocative, passionate and experimental creativity.

                                                                                                                                     Mike Greenblatt,

Here’s an excellent interview with Tom and Scott on Joe Dimino’s Neon Jazz