Sold out gig at Smalls

Spin Cycle had a great gig at Smalls last week. We scheduled our CD release gig there on May 6th with the idea that playing at one of our favorite NYC jazz clubs would be a great way to announce the band’s first recording. It turned out to be a good night with sold out sets and the band really lighting a fire under the music like never before. We played fewer tunes but really stretched out on them which gave the guys a chance to explore different directions in the music. I hope we’ll be back there soon.

Lots of friends, fans and family came out to here us which was great. There were people there from all areas of our lives from teaching gigs and broadway pits to old friends and close family. About 15 or 20 of us went out to a local restaurant/bar after the gig and hung out pretty hard which was a nice coda to the evening. Scott and I are very excited to book more gigs for the band now and are working on another NYC gig in the Fall as well as several touring opportunities. Should be fun!