Sound Footing Records

We are so lucky to work with the amazing graphic artist Fanny Chiari-Gotschall. She designed our CD booklet and band logos. She also did a great job on the logo for our new record label Sound Footing Records. The first Spin Cycle CD comes out on May 6th and is the first CD on the new label. Scott and I are pretty excited to start both a new band and a new label. It feels great to get our music out there and to be in total control of all the elements. We gave it a lot of thought and in the end, decided to have control over all of the elements of our band and Cds. After thinking about it a lot and talking to a lot of musicians, it really seems to be the way to go. The learning curve is something to consider but it isn’t insurmountable by any means. Spin Cycle’s first CD will be the first of many on Sound Footing Records.

Just a quick reminder, we are playing at Smalls in NYC on May 6th at 7:30 and later in the spring touring Canada and the Northeast ending up at The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival on June 27th. Tour details are on our calendar page.