Here’s what Ed Enright wrote about our latest CD in Downbeat

"Spin Cycle’s self-titled debut CD is an all-original program of 10 tunes—six by Christensen and four by Neumann—that captivate with bright melodic lines, deep-seated grooves, catchy rhythmic devices and sophisticated harmony. Improvisations run wild, as soloists embrace aggressive and daring ideas from the realms of modal jazz, free-jazz, second-line and soul, not to mention good old-fashioned swing. A cohesive unit that commands an exceptional stylistic range and exhibits a go-for-broke attitude…..Spin Cycle has the potential to connect with a broader national audience as well as international listeners." Read the full review on our Press page

Spin Cycle News

Spin Cycle recorded our 2nd CD at the beginning of June. Look for preview tracks soon!

Thanks to Jay Greene at WDCB in Chicago who voted Spin Cycle’s debut release into his Top 5 Picks for 2016

Upcoming gigs

October 5th and 6th 9:30pm
The Rex, Toronto Canada

October 6th 3:15pm
University of Toronto

October 8th 8pm
The Bop Shop, Rochester NY

October 23rd 8pm

Quinn’s, Beacon NY

Introducing Spin Cycle

Introducing Spin Cycle. In the video below Tom and Scott talk about the band and the music.

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